Video Analysis Package

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your game play? Measure your game with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor! Watch this video to see the possibilities.


The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor inserts inside your racquet and measures aspects of your tennis game, syncing to your iPad or smart phone and providing you with a complete analysis. With the help of this extensive report will have all the detailed information you need to improve your skills, master your tecchniques and become a better tennis player.


The following data will be provided to you during the Video Analysis coaching session:

  • Number of shots
  • Ball impact spot
  • Swing type (forehand, backhand, overhead)
  • Swing speed
  • Ball speed (initial speed)
  • Ball spin


Additional features include:

  • Get a game play data and analysis report
  • Compare your data to other players all over the world – compare stats and watch lesson videos
  • Record your own game play video
  • Look back at your gameplay including data
  • Connect app to your Apply Watch for real time data on court
  • Set personal goals on a progress chart


Sign up for a lesson with a Kiwi Tennis coach, including your complete analysis, for $85/lesson!