Term Dates

Kiwi Tennis term dates follow that of New Zealand Schools.

The New Zealand school year is divided into 4 terms. There is a 2 week break between each of the first 3 terms and a summer holiday at the end of Term 4 of about 6 weeks.

During each school holiday, there will be no Kiwi Tennis group classes. However, we will be running a series of Holiday Camps



  Start Date End Date Wet Weather Week Public Holidays

Term 1 (9 weeks)

Mon 5th Feb

Sat 7th April

Mon 9th - Sat 14th April

  Waitangi Day: Tue 6th Feb

  Good Friday: Fri 30th March*

  Easter Monday: Mon 2nd April

Term 2 (9 weeks)

Mon 30th April

Sat 30th June

Mon 2nd - Sat 7th July

  Queen’s Birthday: Mon 4th June

Term 3 (9 weeks)

Mon 23rd July

Sat 22nd Sept

Mon 24th - Sat 29th Sept


Term 4 (8 weeks)

Mon 15th Oct

Sat 8th Dec

Mon 10th - Sat 15th Dec

  Labour Day: Mon 22nd Oct

Please note there will be no coaching sessions, at any club, on Saturday 31st March 2018 (with the exception of Sunnyhills Tennis Club)



  Start Date End Date Wet Weather Week Public Holidays

Term 1 (9 weeks)

Mon 4th Feb

Sat 6th April

Mon 8th - Sat 13th April

  Waitangi Day: Wed 6th Feb

Term 2 (9 weeks)

Mon 29th April

Sat 29th June

Mon 1st - Sat 6th July

  Queen’s Birthday: Mon 3rd June

Term 3 (9 weeks)

Mon 22nd July

Sat 21st Sept

Mon 23rd - Sat 28th Sept


Term 4 (8 weeks)

Mon 14th Oct

Sat 7th Dec

Mon 9th - Sat 14th Dec

  Labour Day: Mon 28th Oct