Term Dates

Kiwi Tennis term dates follow that of New Zealand Schools.

The New Zealand school year is divided into 4 terms. There is a 2 week break between each of the first 3 terms and a summer holiday at the end of Term 4 of about 6 weeks.

During each school holiday, there will be no Kiwi Tennis group classes. However, we will be running a series of Holiday Camps


  Start Date End Date Wet Weather Week Public Holidays

Term 1 (9 weeks)

Mon 27th Jan

Friday 27th March

Mon 6th - Thurs 9th April

  Waitangi Day: Wed 6th Feb

Term 2 (7 weeks)

Mon 18th May

Sunday 28th June

Mon 28th - Sunday 5th July

  Queen’s Birthday: Mon 1st June

Term 3 (9 weeks)

Mon 20th July

Sunday 20th Sept

Mon 21 - Sunday 27th Sept


Term 4 (8 weeks)

Mon 12th Oct

Sunday 6th Dec

Mon 9th - Sunday 13th Dec

  Labour Day: Mon 26th Oct