Tournaments & Matchplays

Kiwi Tennis Tournament Series & Matchplays

Kiwi Tennis prides itself on providing a tennis pathway that allows and encourages our players to improve. Tournaments and Matchplays are a key component for every young tennis players development, it gives them a reason to work harder, focus more and provides motivation during practice sessions with their coach.  In addition and arguably most importantly, competition significantly helps them to enhance their overall game, physically, technically and mentally. 


At Kiwi Tennis we provide a series of tennis tournaments and matchplays in order to cater for all ages, abilities and configure rankings. 




Kiwi Tennis Hotshots is a singles event for children playing Red (maximun age 8 years), Orange (maximum age 10 years) or Green (Maximun age 12 years) ball tennis. In this event, all children are guaranteed at least three matches within a round robin format. 


Depending on the number of entries, there will also be two semi finals and a final within each event. 



Kiwi Tennis Matchplay is a weekend singles event separating players by configure rankings. At each event all entrants will be guaranteed two 3 set matches that will count towards increasing their configure ranking!

These events are slightly different to a regular tournament as you simply play your matches without worry of completing the draw.

Each event is ranking banded to guarantee all results can count towards configure rankings. So make sure you enter for a ranking appropriate event. 

We run both adult and junior matchplays.


Open Series 

The Kiwi Tennis Open Series is an age categorised knock out event.

There will be plate events dependent on the size of the draw. 

These events will count towards configure rankings.