St Heliers

Tennis coaching will be taking place at St Heliers School as part of our Schools Roadshow.


As a community coaching company, one of our prime goals is to introduce children and youths to interact with sport physical activity from a young age. 
We believe Tennis is a great way of achieving this and so we wanted to spread our message as far and wide as possible. This is why we decided to embark on our Schools Roadshow!
With support from Sport Auckland, throughout Term 4, our coaches will be delivering a host of taster session at schools across the Eastern Suburbs, visiting and delivering sessions to over 1,300 students. 
This will all culminate in an Open Day at Orakei Tennis Club on Sunday 4th December.


If you have enjoyed the coaching sessions at St Heliers then why not check out your local club, Orakei Tennis Club and SIGN UP for our Open Day :)