Wakaaranga School

Tennis coaching at Wakaaranga School will take place during the lunchtime period and is a fantastic introduction for your child to tennis.  


During these sessions the coach will develop all the fundamental skills in a fun friendly environment. The main areas that we will focus on include improving each childs hand-eye coordination, ball and racquet skills, balance and basic swing techniques.  This will help the children develop not only their tennis, but also their athletic capabilities and therefore their love for playing the game.



How to get to the session?

The tennis lessons at Wakaaranga School will take place in the School Hall

Unfortunately, it is not feasible for the coach to collect each child from their class and so all players will need to meet the coach in the hall.

An announcement will be made before the start of the session to remind children that tennis is about to start. 


Term 2 2018

Please pay close attention to the term dates:


First Session Term 2: Thursday 17th of May (Week 2)

Last Session Term 2: Thursday 28th of June (Week 9)

Wet Weather Week: Thursday 5th of July (If needed). 

Wakaaranga School - Term 2 2018

School Playground
New Feature…this coaching groups price has been prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining this term.
Special Notes:
First Session: Thursday 17th of May (Week 3). Last Session: Thursday 28th of June (Week 9). Wet Weather Week: 5th of July (if needed).
17/05/2018 to 28/06/2018

Add a Racquet ...

Why not add a racquet to your purchase so you can keep practicing outside of your lessons?


Pacific Junior Tennis Racquets are the perfect racquets for junior players of all abilities. Due to their high quality graphite frames, they provide plenty of power for those who like to hit big, whilst also maintaining a good amount of control for all players and techniques. Loaded with maneuverability and access to spin, these racquets are a great starting point for any junior player.


Although it is not essential, we recommend that students bring their own Tennis racquets to our schools sessions, so why not take advantage of this offer so you can practice your skills outside of school!

Special Notes:
The racquet will be given to the child on the first day of school coaching.