Maungawhau School

Tennis coaching at Maungawhau School during the lunchtime period is a fantastic introduction for your chlid to tennis.  


During these sessions the coach will develop all the fundamental skills in a fun friendly environment. The main areas that we will focus on include improving each childs hand-eye coordination, ball and racquet skills, balance and basic swing techniques.  This will help the children develop not only their tennis, but also their athletic capabilities and therefore their love for playing the game.

Maungawhau School Term 3

School Tennis Courts
New Feature…this coaching groups price has been prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining this term.
25/07/2017 to 26/09/2017

Add a Racquet ...

Why not add a racquet to your purchase so you can keep practicing outside of your lessons?


The Novak, named after Novak Djokovic, is the perfect racquet for junior players who want to get a very first feel for the sport. It comes with the unique Damp+ insert, which isolates the impact for less vibration. With its colorful and fresh design, the racquet is ideal for that very first training session in school or a spontaneous game on the streets.


Whilst it is not compulsory to have your own racquet at our schools sessions why not take advantage of this offer so you can practice your skills outside of school!

The racquet will be given to the child on the first day of school coaching.