Our Partners

Kiwi Tennis thanks the following companys for supporting us through sponsorship. Their support is vital to the continued development of our programme!


Official Partner:

Pacific Sport

Pacific is an international leading racquets sports brand who have excelled in the development and innovation of racquet sport technology since it was established in Germany and New Zealand in 1972.

Pacific Sport provide our coaches with high quality racquets and apparal. 


Auckland Vehicles

Auckland Vehicles own Auckland's leading car dealerships and the franchise for Hyundai, Isuzu.

Auckland Vehicles provide our management team and coaches with awesome SUVs!


Physio Rehab Group

The Physio Rehab Group is one of Aucklands leading physiotherapy groups. With over 20 locations Auckland-wide and more than 25 years of experience, you can be assured of receiving the best treatment near you!




An athlete getting the most out of their placement and future lies in the correct preparation before they enter their placement. Continual assistance from experienced mentors while they progress and clear direction as they transition from their sporting chapter into a professional career.

Our team’s personal and professional experience in U.S sporting and academic placements are supported by our three-step mentoring model - Prepare, Progress, Professional. This model ensures the correct pathway for an athlete is identified and effectively executed to maximise growth and potential. 

We are Striv3 and we will work with you to define a pathway for success in sport.