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Hot Shots Tournament

Our Hot Shots Tournaments are a fantastic way for our Hot Shots players to start competing in a fun, non-pressured environment. Over the course of the morning we'll help the players learn how to score and they'll play lot of quick timed matches against different opponents. Our older juniors will be out on the courts with them alongside our coaching team helping the players along the way!


Morning Structure:


9am- Meet and Greet

9.10am: Group Warm Up

9.45am: Learning How to Score

10am: Matches Start

11.45am: Sausage Sizzle, Lolly Scramble and Presentation


In the afternoon:


1pm: Meet and Greet

1.10pm: Warm Up and Rallying Games

1.30pm: Learning How to Score

1.40pm: Matches Start

3.45pm: Sausage Sizzle, Lolly Scramble and Presentation


Cambridge Racquets Club
New Feature…this coaching groups price has been prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining this term.
Special Notes:
Entry Fee $20 - Purchase the free product and you will be invoiced for the $20 entry fee