On Monday the 31st of October, our Team here at Kiwi Tennis had a fantastic morning of coaching as we embarked on the first day of our new Tennis Roadshow! 


As a community coaching company, one of our prime goals is to introduce children and youths to interact with sport physical activity from a younger age. 


We believe Tennis is a great way of achieving this and so we wanted to spread our message as far and wide as possible. This is why we decided to embark on our Schools Roadshow!


With support from Sport Auckland, for the next 5 weeks, our coaches will be travelling  within and throughout the Auckland area, visiting and delivering sessions to over 1,300 students. Even for us, that’s a pretty impressive endeavour. 


Participating in Tennis has the capacity to really improve an individuals development, both physically, mentally and socially. Thankfully, with the support from Sport Auckland, our Roadshow is a giant leap towards sharing our views and achieving our goals.


Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on our social-media outlets.


Kiwi Out!