• $30 with own strings- labour only.
  • $60 with Kiwi Tennis strings.
  • $85 with natural gut. 


Ever wondered when the right time to restring your racquet is? When the string tension decreases from use, the strings stretch more on impact, meaning they have more elastic potential. This results in less control when you hit the ball. 

If you play once a week, we suggest getting your racquet strung every 4-6 months,

Twice a week, every 3-4 months 

Three times a week 2-3 months 

Four times a week 1-2months 

5 or more times a week every month (or until tension is noticeably low)


Tension types 

Recommended tension is usual on the racquet, and is between 50-60lbs.

Any tension between 45-50 lbs is considered ‘loose’ which is recommended for advanced players who have a loose fluid swing, and understand that power can be generated through weight transfer. This is because, loose strings have higher elastic potential and react in a trampoline like feel, which can lose a player a lot of control! 

For any interclub player, Kiwi Tennis would recommend aiming to slowly drop your tension (1lb per restring) from around 55lbs (which most racquets are strung at) to ideally around 50lbs allowing maximum feel and power. 

For a club level player we would recommend 53-56lbs (depending on your preference) as this will provide adequate power without losing too much control.

Stringing your racquet too tight and also having a late contact point can cause tennis/golfers elbow which is a repetitive impact injury, so consider this if you have had any issues with this in the past.


String types


A single thread string usually strung at lower tensions as it can be stiff and ‘hard’ on the arm if contact is late. This is usually quite a generic string which is a good string for interclub players that need a durable and control based string.


Multi filament 

A multi thread string that allows more elastic potential due to its softness. Despite losing some durability, it creates more power due to the multiple fibres allowing the string to stretch and ‘trampoline’ more. We would recommend cross-stringing this with a polyester so you get feel, power and control all in one.

Be aware, if you want a string that lasts a long time then this is not the string for you!


Where to restring your racqeut

Now you understand the importance of restrining your racqeut, come and get your racket restrung by dropping it off at one of our affiliated Kiwi Tennis Clubs:

  • Glendowie TC (Forfar road)

  • Orakei TC (Kupe St)

  • West Harbour (Picasso Drive) 

Please email to ensure someone is available to receive your racquet or email William Todd at if you have any string queries or need some help picking a suitable string/tension.